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Mehdi's first approach to "movement" started when he was 11, through the practice of Capoeria, bboying, and acrobatics.
To broaden his horizons, he decides to enrich his techniques through training in ballet (classical dancing), modern Jazz, and contemporary dancing.

In 2011, his discovery of theatre through the international theatre school Ecole Jacques Lecoq revolutionized his vision of movement and unveiled new perspectives, especially on dynamics and space. He has since then been dedicated in creating links between his inspirations and experiences, all whilst integrating a strong theatrical dimension.

He has notably worked with Giuliano Peparini, James Thierrée, and Yoann Bourgeois.

in 2018, Mehdi Baki created his first project called "Bye Bye Myself" in collaboration with Nicolas Fayol. Shortly followed by a second duo: "OhhO" premiered in November 2021.

Gradually developing a stronger interest in cinema, he makes his debut in 2022 in "En Corps", latest movie directed by Cedric Klapisch.

He remains, in parallel, active in battles, having been a finalist in Juste Debout in 2018, twice the winner of the battle Open Your Mind in 2018.


  • « En Corps » / Directed by Cédric Klapisch


  • « OHHO » - Choreography and Performance, Mehdi Baki et Nicolas Fayol

  • « Bye Bye Myself » - Choreography and Performance, Mehdi Baki et Nicolas Fayol

  • « Scala » - Compagnie Yoann Bourgeois

  • « Minuit » - Compagnie Yoann Bourgeois

  • « Tabac Rouge » - Compagnie du Hanneton, James Thierrée

  • « Borderline » - Compagnie Wang / Ramirez

  • « Obstacles » - Compagnie Trafic de Styles


  • Apple Airpods « Bounce » - Real. Oscar Hudson / Chor.

  • Seat Ibiza - Real. Nacho Gavan

  • Crunch Cereals - Real. Tasha&Tania